The Conference venue and the city of Miami

Conference Venue

The TAD will be held at the Hilton Miami Downtown.

More information can be found on the Hotels pages

About Miami

Founded only a little more than a century ago as a rural area in which to cultivate coconut trees, today the Miami metropolitan area is known throughout the world as a major destination for those seeking sun, beautiful beaches and wonderful tourist facilities. However, the city and its surrounding communities are very much more than that. The downtown business center, and many parts of the region, are filled with 30 to 60 story silver and glass skyscrapers, while various individual neighborhoods are characterized by large communities of residents originating from countries throughout Latin America, Europe and Asia. The Miami urban landscape brings together major financial and international business companies with famous restaurants, beautiful art galleries and museums and a uniquely tropical counter-cultural scene. From communities characterized by immense wealth, to neighborhoods in great need of human and financial

investment, the Miami metropolitan area embodies all that is both spectacular and problematic in the American urban scene.

About Florida International University (FIU)

Established less than 50 years ago by the State of Florida, but today with 55,000 students, several thousand faculty and staff and over 200,000 graduates, Florida International University (FIU) is arguably the fastest growing public university in the history of the United States. With two main campuses in the Miami area, and one in China, FIU offers approximately 200 degree programs, including about 35 doctoral programs in fields ranging from medicine and engineering, to business and the traditional arts and sciences. The main campus of the university, in a suburban community west of downtown Miami, in addition to possessing large areas of tropical landscape and ponds, includes a number of buildings designed by internationally famous architects, including the art museum, the international studies building, the law school and the school of architecture complex (where the public administration faculty is located). Alumni of the University range from international business leaders, to well known movie stars, to increasingly prominent academicians.