TAD 13: Miami


2017 Transatlantic Dialogue – TAD 13

IV Annual Conference on Democracy and Good Governance

Sustaining a Democratic Public Sector in an Era of Multiple Challenges and Constraints

Hosted by the Center for Democracy and Good Governance of the

Institute for Public Management and Community Service and the

Department of Public Administration of the Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs.

Florida International University

Venue Hilton Hotel Downtown Miami

Miami, Florida, April 5-8-2017


Five sub-themes will be addressed:

  1. Adapting to or Overcoming Fiscal Constraints
  2. Maintaining Democratic Values in Challenging Times
  3. Encouraging and Sustaining Diverse and Inclusive Societies
  4. International Migration, Changing Demographics and the Rise of Intense Nationalism
  5. Managing Organizations to Provide Quality Public Service