Conlusions of 9TAD

Transatlantic Dialogue – 9th TAD – Baltimore – 12-15 June 2013

More than 90 participants took part in the 9th Transatlantic Dialogue organised at the School of Public and International Affairs – University of Baltimore on 12-15 June 2013 on the theme:  Rebuilding Capacities for Urban Governance.

The participants shared their views and presented their papers on the following sub-themes: All politics is glocal:  urban issues, solutions, and outcomes in a multi-levelled, networked globalized society, How Do We Know We’re “Improving” Governance?:  Representing the Public Interest in Pluralistic, Urban Societies, Remaining competitive: managing performance for efficient and effective urban service delivery, Leveraging Urban Partnerships: Universities and other nongovernmental organizations as Change Agents in Urban Communities, Cities of the future: How can technology make urban living and governance smarter? , Do Pro-Business Policies Improve Urban Fiscal Health?  Revisiting the Orthodox View of Urban Public Finance by Improving Financial Management

The co-chairs of the workshops summarized the discussions during the closing session and their final presentations are now available on the TADwebsite.