Conference theme

In 2012, the 8th Transatlantic Dialogue will take place on 6–9 June at the Radboud University Nijmegen. Organized jointly by European and American networks, this conference aims to strengthen cooperation between European and American academics.

Conference theme

The theme of the 8th Transatlantic Dialogue is ‘Transitions in Governance’. We are in the midst of an era of transition in systems of public administration. States are faced with significant developments: welfare state reform, a globalising economy, technological innovation, demographic change, urban regeneration, Europeanisation and (e.g. in Central European countries) the transition towards a different type of regime. As a consequence, states face difficult challenges with respect to their systems of public administration.

Dealing with these developments puts a heavy strain on their systems of public administration. They challenge public administration research and teaching to look beyond current institutions and to grasp the shape of emerging varieties of governance.

The conference hosts six workshops on major themes in this significant development. Descriptions of these workshops can be found here.

Submission of abstracts

The deadline for submission of abstracts has expired. Papers can no longer be submitted.