TAD 11 : Conclusion


The 11th TAD took place in Boston at the Federal Reserve Bank from 3-5 June 2015.

Participants coming from United States of America and Europe but also from other continents further discussed the theme: The Transforming Role of the Public Manager. Stimulating debates were initiated by the TAD co-chairs of the different workshops and cross-cutting sessions were organized to reinforce the dialogue.

At the opening session, Professor Norma Riccucci from Rutgers University (USA) provided the participants with her views on: The Relevance of Public Personnel Administration and Policy in Times of Crisis. The Participants made some comments and added their contributions to this interesting theme.

During the sessions, the participants discussed different key issues: Public Personnel Policies: Employee Wellbeing and Organizational Performance, the personnel management reform and the improvement of the public services, How to meet challenges in public personnel administration after the economic crisis? Leadership and organizational effectiveness, accountability, motivation and ethical considerations.

At the closing session, Christopher Pollitt shared his views on the theme: Public Servants to Public Managers: the European Story – Transformation or Torture.

 The participants addressed many questions further to his presentation and an interesting dialogue followed between the keynote speaker and the participants.

We would like to thank the local organizer, Prof. Dan Bromberg, for the excellent organization and all the participants for their contributions.

** Please note that the presentations of the 2 keynote speakers are available on the dedicated page